A new adventure | Update


Hello there lovlies , it feels like forever since iv spoken to you’s properly … I hope your all having a fab day ….. So i’m turning 19 next week … which is like ahhh what ? I’m not sure if its the fact that im turning a year older or what but for some reason i want to go a step further than just blogging , dont get me wrong i love it and what iv created and will continue to do so but i was thinking for a while to jump into the world of vlogging.. Am i mad?

This year i have ALOT happening , from my birthday , friends/famiys birthday , concerts , a wedding etc … i just want to be able to capture it all.

I’m not starting this new step hoping for big things i just want to explore more and push myself outside of my comfort zone , it might not even go anywhere and thats ok ,im not excepting anything from it except alot of laughs and fun on the way.

Your welcome to come and have a nose at my weirdness and random acts …. there’s even a video up already.



see you next time lovies x x

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