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  • Product Empties

    So it’s that time of the month where some of your favourite products have ran out!! But hey atleast i can share them with you now … enjoy x




    Garnier body oil beauty: So i mentioned this moisturizer before in a post. I really love this product ,its a very thick and moisturizing ..in a good way of course! You know when you feel your skin just needs some good hydration well this will give you that. I don’t use it daily but probably every other day. It also smells amazing! So thats’s always a plus! I highly recommend this.

    Mark Hill Bedazzled: Ok so you know when you style your hair and theres that just little bit of frizz that won’t leave? This is your saver haha! I find this so good on frizz and gives your hair such a nice shine too. Its so light on the hair to. It’s defiently a must in your hair products !

    W7 Setting spray: I recently found this product and have been using/testing it daiy. I did’nt have much hope in it but it suprised me ! It’s actully a really good setting spray and its only €3.00 ! Like such a steal. Setting sprays can be so expensive these days , If your looking for a cheap drugstore setting spray i would highly recommened this.

    Maybelline fit me concealor: Iv been using this concealor for like ever haha ! Its one i’d always go back to. Its so creamy and blendable and comes in a range of colours. It doesnt crease when set with a powder. It has good coverage a really buildable to.

    Loreal Elnett Hairspray: When it comes to hairsprays i’m such a picky person. I hate hairsprays that feel sticky and makes your hair look ‘wet’. My absolute staple hairspray is the tresemme salon finish (white bottle). Iv been using it for years now and wouldn’t use anything else. I decided to branch out and try more , i tried this hairspray like a year ago and hated it so much. But recently bought a small version of it to try it again. I don’t know if they changed the formula or i got a different one that last time but I’ve actually been loving this, especially the smell , its like a fresh fruit smell. It’s weird how you can go back to a product you hated.

    Loreal True Match :I LOVE this foundation. I always go back to it. I love loreal foundations full stop but this would be a staple for me. It has really good coverage and build-able to without looking heavy or ‘cakey’ like. It comes in so many shades. They recently released a new formula and packaging so i HOPE they haven’t changed anything major as i love this foundation

    Have you tried any of these products?

    I N S T A G R A M | P I N T E R E S T | T W I T T E R | B L O G L O V I N

    Tash x

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