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  • August Favourites


    Where has august gone? It flew by!… Today I’ll be sharing my august favourites with you all , I feel like there’s a lot iv been loving this month.. enjoy x

    He-shi self tanner: I bought this self tanner about 2/3 months ago but have been using it ALOT this month. I love it because it’s quick and easy! The colour pay off is great ! It’s not to light and not to dark … and you’re not left orange either. It’s a wash off tan so you’re not stuck with it for weeks after. But it will stay on all night. It makes your skin look amazing to .. who doesn’t want that!? I got mine when it was on sale for about €15 I’m not sure of the original price. Most drugstores/Pharmacy’s stock it. If you can get your hands on it I’d really recommend it !

    Rimmel lipstick lock: I’ve been using this a lot lately. After you apply your lipstick you put this right over it and it locks it in place! The smell isn’t to pleasant as it’s a little strong but if you can get past that its worth it. You can purchase it for about €5 i think. If you’re having trouble keeping your lippy in place you need this.

    P.s love lip liners: I can’t express my love for these enough. I love the p.s love line because there great products and so inexpensive. I feel like they don’t get enough recognition because there so inexpensive. I love there liners because there so easy to apply and the colour pigment is amazing to. Sometimes I’ll just pop on one of their lip liners and some gloss and I’m good to go. You can purchase theses in any penneys/primark for €1 !

    HASK oil mask: I LOVE this hair brand. All their products are based around different oils so your hair is left looking super shiny and healthy. Iv been loving their hair masks because my hair needed ALOT of TLC this month. I picked mine up in penneys/primark but they also sell them in most pharmacy’s. I purchased mine for about €2/€3 !! Super cheap and they do wonders for your hair.!

    MAC Angel lipstick: I got this as gift for my 17th birthday and have been using it a lot this month. It’s a nice nude shade without being really pink. Its like your lips but better. It’s really moisturizing to so it wont leave your lips feeling dry. I love it !

    The balm mary-lou manizer: This highlighter is amazing ! It leaves a nice glowy effect without being to harsh like other products can. It glides onto the skin perfectly. I use it almost everyday!

    P.s love single eyelashes: Recently iv been adding natural looking false lashes to my makeup look. I’m not blessed with long eyelash so by adding them it gives my makeup look a nice boost. Iv really been loving the p.s love single eyelashes because there so easy to apply. I usually add about 3/4 to the end of my lashes to add length and thickness. I love how it brings the look together.

    P.s love makeup setting spray: I promise I’m not sponsored I just love this brand haha! I recently discovered this setting spray and was a bit unsure whether to buy it or not but I did and I love it. I have oily skin and like to finish my makeup off with a setting spray so it stays all day. I love my urban decay ones but wanted to try more brands. This does keep your makeup in place for a good few hours. It’s not to heavy feeling on the face either and it doesn’t break me out. I’m really impressed and liking it at the moment. I think it was only about $5!

    Elizabeth Arden eyeshawdow pallete: Ok so I’m NEARLY sure this is elizabeth arden , forgive me if I’m wrong. I’ve been using this nearly everyday, The colours in it are perfect and its perfect size for your makeup bag! The shades are gold , cream , brown , rose gold and a black. There all have a shimmer to them expect the black. The colour pay off is amazing and its a great everyday palette to.

    Have you tried any of these products? Tell me below!

    See you in my next post x

    Tash x

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    1. September 28, 2015 / 4:26 pm

      AH sorry for commenting on all your posts but they are all just so stunning! I adore that eyeshadow palette! Guess who’s found a new fave blogger…keep doing you! X

      • September 28, 2015 / 4:27 pm

        No no please i love when people comment n give feed back i love it 😊 and omg thanks so much that means so much! Your so lovely 😊

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