‘Ignite that spark’

There’s something quite ‘comforting’ about darkness. In the darkness you can hide from anything.. you turn off the lights so you won’t have to look in the mirror. Its dark and it’s quite. You shut the curtains, so for a quick second you think the sun stopped shining for everyone else to….. But it’s not forever, Your life right now isn’t defined by the moment you cease to exist, Its got a future filled with chapters and volumes, memories and laughter…  But you can’t see that now, In the darkness you can’t see anything ,. You don’t have to be happy all the time it isn’t about that its about recognising the moments you really feel alive, when you can’t help but smile. That’s your soul reminding you who you are, looking down on you saying ‘remember this’ this is who you are, you’re not defined by a number , a phrase or even a moment.. you’re a light that shines brighter than your shadows …. Yes the darkness will return, its happens … you’ll have weak moments thinking ‘where the light went’…But that’s it, you’re the light , and nobody can take that away from you… so light it up ignite that spark..


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